John Dooner and his brothers???? Part 2

People involved:

  • John Dooner b. 1817 (Seven Churches, Kings County) d. 1886
  • Michael Charles Dooner b. 1831? (Shannon Bridge, Kings County) d. 1904 — Married Elizabeth Parker and had 2 children William John  and Mary Jane.
  • Patrick Dooner b. 1825 (Shannon Bridge, Kings County) – Married Hannah from Hollywell/Holywell Wales and one child Thomas
  • Thomas Dooner b. 1831 ?????????
  • Joseph Dooner b. ABT 1819 d.????


Thanks to using 2 weeks free access to a genealogy site I have found some more information on the family of John Dooner.

I am confident that Michael Charles Dooner was the brother of John Dooner. John Dooner is down as paying a deposit to have Patrick and Michael immigrate to Australia on the Hotspur in 1862.

Dooner Immigration Deposit

Michael and Patrick are then found on the Hotspur passenger lists with their families. Using past newspapers I have been able to track the movements of Michael and his family. He went by Charles Dooner at times and his name may be Michael Charles William Dooner. He went to Victoria and then Yorketown in South Australia until moving to Coolamon near Naranderra where he died in 1904.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 6.29.25 PM

Patrick who had a letter waiting for him from his brother at the Braidwood diggings (John was the only Dooner in Braidwood at the time) and his family seem to disappear when they arrive on the Hotspur. I have found no record for Patrick, Hannah and Thomas. The children of Michael and Patrick were born in Manchester. Looking at the 1861 Census of England I found a Joseph 42 (from Kings County), Hannah 45 (also from Holywell, Wales) and a nephew Thomas.

1861Census - Hannah Dooner

Not many Dooner’s came from Kings County and it seems likely that Thomas is the son of Patrick. It is strange that both Thomas and Joseph were married to Hannah’s from Holywell, Wales. I wonder if someone lied on the immigration details to help Hannah out to Australia if Joseph had died.

There is a Patrick Dooner who died in 1881 but it does not seem like he is any relation although his family believe he came out on the Hotspur. He has a different mother and father and came from a different county.

There is no evidence there is a brother Thomas other than one reference in someones family tree.

If you have any information on this Dooner branch it would be appreciated. I will update this post as more information comes to light.

Keep smiling …

Michael Dooner

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One Response to John Dooner and his brothers???? Part 2

  1. June Barrett says:

    I am also researching the Dooner family as a spin off from the Tobin’s – James Tobin married Annie Dooner in 1870 at Araluen. I have found that Patrick and Joseph Dooner are the same person. He is on the 1851 Census in Schofields St Manchester, unmarried and living with brother James aged 13, born Manchester and sister-in-law Mary Ann and I believe her children James 4 and Thomas 2. He was a Musician.
    In the 1861 Census he is living with his wife Hannah, nee Hughes whom he married in Manchester 1851 and nephew Thomas aged 12. This time he was under Joseph Dooner – still a musician. He died in Victoria in 1870.
    I don’t know who Mary Ann Dooner’s husband was perhaps James! A James died in Manchester Dec Quarter 1849. .Also of interest a Martin Dooner died in Manchester Dec Quarter 1850. What do you think?
    Hope you find this of interest

    June Barrett

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