John Dooner and his brothers???

People involved:

  • John Dooner b. 1816 d. 1886
  • Michael Charles Dooner b. 1829 d. 1904
  • Patrick Dooner b. 1830 d. ???1881
  • Thomas Dooner b. 1831 d. ?


John Dooner immigrated to Australia on the James Mathieson in 1841. He was from Seven Churches, Kings County, Ireland. His father was Martin Dooner and his mother was Bridget Pillion (deceased in 1841). He married Mary Ann Coleman in 1851 in Goulburn and settled around Braidwood.

There is some evidence from other researchers that Michael, Patrick and Thomas were his brothers. Michael and Patrick arrived in Australia with their families on the Hotspur in 1862. The passenger log states they were from Shannon Bridge, Kings County. There is a newspaper clipping asking Patrick from the Hotspur to collect a letter from his brother at the Braidwood diggings. (John Dooner?) Michael’s death certificate has Martin as his father but Bridget Sheridan as his mother. I don’t know what happened to Thomas.

I am unsure if these Dooner’s are related, as many trees have suggested, and would love to know any information about them. Looking at the birth dates, where they were from and other information they may be step brothers, with Martin marrying two different Bridgets or there was an administration error.

Again any information will be appreciated and I will update this post as more information comes to light.

Keep smiling …

Michael Dooner

Note: Mother Bridget Pillion.

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